August 14, 2016

Become a Member


Enrollment and Membership

The WVHSRA rodeo season begins on August 1 of the calendar year and ends with the state finals. A new member can enroll anytime during the year. 2015-16 dues in the amount of $149.00 for high school ($124 are national dues- $25 are state dues) and $105.00 for Junior High division ($80 are national dues – $25 are state dues) and Youth Division $100 membership dues (or $150 for family), along with the following should be submitted.

  • Copy of most recent report card, or if home schooled -a letter from the individual doing the schooling stating that you are passing 80%  of your classes.
  • Copy of your birth certificate
  • Neg. Coggins if you are entering timed events

Upon enrollment, that person is also automatically a member of the WVHSRA and NHSRA. Applications are available through the WVHSRA Secretary or can be downloaded from this website and mailed to Secretary.


The WVHSRA requires that you be a high school student, grades 9-12. Junior Division open to grades 6-8.  The Youth division is open for peewee contestants as well as students to grade 5.   (This can be private schools, public schools, home school, or equivalent of high school classes such as GED)  All students are required to pass at least 4 classes with a “C” or better average.  If you are only passing 3 subjects, but can show an UP TO DATE progress report signed by your teacher, that can also be used as the 4 class minimum.  To join the WVHSRA you must complete the  application, making sure that BOTH parents sign the application.  Next a copy of your birth certificate, proof of enrollment, and copy of most recent school report card is to accompany the application to the mailing address below.

Christy Parent
Box 927
Cool Ridge, WV 25825

Associate Membership

There is also an Associate Membership available to any student. This allows individuals to receive the monthly newsletter and participate in events and functions except for rodeos and voting.  Please contact  Linda Stone for more information on this option.

The 2015-2016 rodeo season will begin with the Pikeview Rodeo in August, all applications and releases can be filled out and paid at that time, or you can print the forms below and mail to state secretary.

If you are downloading the application please note that you also need to download the minor’s release. It is very important that both parents sign the application and minor’s release unless in situations of sole custody or death of a parent, and that must be noted on the application and release. If you have any questions, please contact us.